Saturday, 27 August 2016

Deligeli Cans


Hi Everyone!

So how often do we look at sundry items and think 'ooo....I could do something with that!'? I expect we all have our favourite things too. Mine is coffee cans. Having said that I've never been that happy with the end results until now mainly because I have club hands and don't have the flexibility needed to get the effect I want without making such a mess I give up. I still kept on collecting the cans though!!

Then I met the latest love in my crafting life...deli paper. It's brilliant and cheap which is also brilliant! I initially bought it because I had seen other crafters using it with their Gelli plates and I adore my Gelli (called Flopsy) so she needed this. I tried it and fell in love...again.

So why do love it? because it is thin, between tissue paper and copy paper I'd say, it is easier to press into the design of my stencils. It has a semi translucent quality so good for layering. It's stronger than tissue paper so, for me, easier to stamp on and paint without disintegrating into a mucky mess. I also use it, as do others, as scrap paper for cleaning my brayer, stamps and Flopsy. And finally it is cheap...see I am repeating myself, because I loves cheap!!

Needless to say I keep all the paper I use for cleaning up stuff which brings me back to my coffee cans which I use for storing my brushes, pencils, markers etc. Also I have got to tidy my craft I can get in it again...not joking either. So, of course, rather than tidying my craft room I decide to decorate the coffee cans, which will make really useful storage, for when I tidy my room. Right, on with the make.


Deli paper
Coffee cans
White gesso
Black Archival ink
PaperArtsy Fresco paints
Dylusions acrylic paints
Black and white marker pens
Matt medium
A selection of PaperArtsy stamps

I used deli paper that I had saved from previous projects and I cut it to fit the coffee cans which I had painted with gesso.

Whilst the gesso was drying I did some stamping onto the deli paper. Some of the stamping I did with paint and some of it with ink. Here I also used my gelli plate. I brayered the paint on to it and then applied the stamp to the paint.I find this easier than applying the paint to my craft mat as I find I get a smoother layer of paint. Also I then use deli paper to wipe up the remains of the paint and so have more paper to play with at a later date.

I then doodled with the marker pens. When all the stamping and doodling was dry I used the matt medium to attach the paper to the cans and I put a coat of matt medium over the top as well to seal everything. The deli paper did wrinkle in places which I think was due to my technique but I rather like that effect although its not very noticeable.  I also put a bit of black gesso around the top and bottom rims of the cans and painted the lids with black gesso. 

I really enjoyed making these as it was really easy and relaxing as they did not have to be perfect. they will be used to store my beads, shells and beach glass....and I will need more cans....happy days!!!

If you have read this far, thank you very much and I hope you all rush out and buy deli paper!

Cheers and messy crafting to all xxxx


Wednesday, 13 July 2016



Hi All....

Am I excited.....YES I AM!!!!  I was chosen to be one of the PaperArtsy 3UP team. Once I had finished dancing on my craft mat, woohooing and generally scaring the cats and neighbours I got to work.

Now I have to be a bit of a sycophant here as I adore PaperArtsy and their products and have been using them ever since I began crafting as well as going on various workshops by the PaperArtsy team which I so recommend. I always learn a new way of using their products and come away with yet another gorgeous item to find a home for.

I was sent a lovely selection of products to use and supplemented this with items from my own stash.

So here goes...lets get messy!!

Magical Ingredients

Orange County
A Bit Jaded
Violet Storms
Are You Cerise

Fresco Paint

Grunge Paste
Satin Glaze
Crackle Glaze

White Embossing Powder
Black Archival Ink
A selection of PaperArtsy Stamps

The infusions are a new product which I have not used before so I was really looking forward to having some fun with them and experimenting with different applications. For this project I used the infusions in four different ways and I am sure there will be lots more from my fellow 3UPers which I'm looking forward to trying.

I used a cardboard plaque as my base which I painted in bubblegum. When dry I applied a very thin coat of crackle glaze. I dried this with my heat gun after which I added a thin coat of nougat paint. I was careful to apply this layer very lightly and to not over brush it so that I would not get a patchy crackle. There are some good videos on the PaperArtsy YouTube channel showing how do do this which helped me.

Next I did some stamping on the plaque which I then embossed in white.

I mixed some of the A Bit Jaded Infusion with some Grunge paste and applied this through one of my PaperArtsy stencils. I really liked the result. A great matt finish and the colour was quite vintage which I love. The products were easy to mix and an advantage was that by adding the infusions it did not alter the consistency of the grunge paste.

As the photo above shows I like to cut up my stencils! I find them easier to position where I want them

While the paste was drying I painted several pieces of white card with the satin glaze. I then sprinkled on  some infusions....and here less is best (boy do I find this hard to do!) which I then brushed through the glaze. This gives a lovely striated effect, showing the variety of pigments in each of the infusions as well as producing a subtle translucency. When this was dry (I let this dry naturally) I stamped the flowers and stems on top using black Archival ink and the cut them out.

I then sprinkled some are you cerise infusions onto some surgical gauze and spritzed with water. This gave me a fabulous vintage look and a luscious pink shade.

To add a bit more texture and depth and to knock back the crackle base I sprinkled on some violet storms infusions directly onto the plaque and spritzed with water, wiping back some areas , leaving it to dry naturally.

Finally I added all the elements to the plaque, adding a lot of bling!



In the above photo I've shown a few examples of playtime with the infusions. On the larger piece I had made a spritz of two infusions....the Are You Cerise and Violet Storms and sprayed this through a couple of stencils. This resulted in a lovely soft, misty effect.

On the tag I I used the metallic glaze over a grunge paste and infusions background and this brought out the walnut stain in the infusions quite nicely, giving an aged effect to the background.

On the last piece I was quite liberal with the infusions. I sprayed a piece of card with water, applied the infusions, spritzed with water and then covered with clingfilm and left it to dry. Love the effect!


This was such fun to do. A huge THANK YOU to PaperArtsy for this opportunity. A massive HUG to Darcy Wilkinson who has had to deal with my panicky emails and wonky photos!!

In all the excitement of being picked for this project I forgot I was going on holiday. I thought there would be no problem doing my blog on holiday....WRONG!! For some reason my tablet wanted to write it all in I only know three words, please...thank you and !!?!....this did not help. So I had to write this on my return which was a bit of a rush so my apologies for any mistakes and photo quality. Actually I might have been better writing it in Balinese !!!

Anyhoo, thanks for visiting and happy messiness to all xxx

Thursday, 12 May 2016



I have entered this into the Stampotique Designers Challenge SDC 244.

This journal page is called Grrrr...and rrrrr....because I like to be literal and I was in a very grrr mood the other day. Don't know why and now back to my happy place but I did get the idea for this layout. I used one of my favourite Stampotique stamps...I think its called Angel Boy (?) Here goes....


white card
black gesso
white gesso
DecoArt modelling paste
DecoArt fluid acrylics in cadmium red hue and primary magenta
various stencils
Spectrum Noir pencils
Archival ink in black
Stampotique stamp
white pen

I used the black gesso to cover the card, Then I added a few drops of the fluid acrylic to colour the paste and applied this through the stencils. I also applied white gesso through a stencil as well, I also applied white gesso over the top of the stencilled areas using a palate knife.
I added white gesso circles using the top of one of the fluid acrylic bottles.
I stamped my image, coloured it with some Spectrum Noir pencils and cut it out. Also printed out my quote and edged it with black Archival ink.
I then scribbled inside the circles with a white pen.
I glued on my image and quote and did a bit more scribbling.

If you've read this far...thank you very much!

A little segue... who else has spent ages trying to open a garbage bag from the wrong end?!!

Friday, 29 April 2016


Entered into the PaperArtsy Blog challenge at

Hi Everybody. 

Well, makes a change, a typical April week....sunshine, rain, sleet, sunshine, more sleet....and start all over again! It's such a shame as I haven't been able to do the gardening and have had to get covered in paint instead. Tragic! I was joking about the garden though. My garden and I have an understanding...we leave each other alone unless absolutely necessary.

This week I'm entering the PaperArtsy challenge using rubbish....crafty, creative rubbish though! This was for me a 'challenging' challenge as white space can be a bit intimidating....down right scary I say! So I put my big girls pants on and set about challenging my 'eeeeek scary' head.

I was at the wonderful monthly craft group that I go to, run by the amazing Lynne Gilbert, trying to create a thing(or several) of beauty but really having a good natter and nosing at what all the other talented women were making whilst enjoying the coffee and nibbles that Lynne supplies( yes...I do leave some for others, my mum taught me well....).

Anyhoo, Lynne was showing us a technique that Kim Dellow uses which I must say is FABULOUS!!! My friend Debbie had finished with the repositional tape I'd shared and said that, knowing me, I'd probably make use of it. This was true. Last club I found a bit of a stick which I took a liking to and used it to make a hanging hearts thingie. I also love rusty bits of metal, onion bags, sea glass, shells, cereal packets, bottle tops, beer tops, computer parts,,,,,,etc. All donations welcome by the way....

So I had these pieces of painty tape, lovely colours on them too. I stuck them on a piece of card, in a creative and arty way of course, to take them home with me. I rather liked how they looked on the card but did not really know what I would do with them.

When I saw what the latest PaperArtsy challenge was I immediately thought of the tape...and this is how I made this journal layout....


repositional tape
PaperArtsy Fresco paints...variety of colours
JOFY flover stamps
Stampotique sentiment
pen and black ink
Cosmic Shimmer glue
Archival ink in black

I had already put the tape on the card so that part was done. As the colours were so lovely and bright I decided to use flowers with it. I like to make dimensional pieces ... so loads of flowers needed. I used JOFY flowers which I love, particularly as there are three sizes, all slightly different. 

I painted a piece of card, using the Kim Dellow technique and the same colours that were used on the tape. I then stamped the flowers onto the card and cut them out. I then stamped the sentiment onto a piece of white card, cut it out and edged it with the black archival.

I matted the tape card onto apiece of A4 white card and then stuck on the flowers. After this I flicked some black paint onto the whole piece and then drew and ink border and attached the sentiment....tadah!

Now for an apology...sorry about the mixed bold and not bold sections, can't remember how to correct it. If I haven't put in links correctly, my bad!

And now for the important bit, thank you for taking time to read this and I hope I made you smile...also happy with the odd groan instead though.

Happy crafting to all (and gardening...) xxx

Saturday, 16 April 2016


Inspired by the More Mixed Media Challenge

Hi All....

Today is very much an April showers day.....and dull, really dull! Plus I have a cold...grrr. I must say I'm looking fab though with a bit of tissue stuck up one nostril as that one is a leeky tap at the mo!! I know...gross image....back into my corner goes I!!

So to cheer my day I altered this sweetie tin....


Acrylic Paint
Ink Pad
Sweetie Tin

Firstly I gessoed the tin, then used a mix of DecoArt fluid acrylics in primary yellow, cadmium orange hue and cadmium red hue which I applied with a brush any old how...started with the lightest colour.
Then I stamped onto the tin using a selection of PaperArtsy stamps (primarily from the Eclectica  range), using Snowflake Fresco paint. I then spattered the tin with Little Black Dress.
I painted a piece of card with primary yellow and stamped the large Stampotique flower several times and the little one too (so it didn't feel left out...) with black Archival ink.
I curled the flower petals, layered them up, stuck them together, glued the result to the tin ....

Well, not quite. Big thank you to all who read this far. 
THANK YOU!! xxxx

Friday, 8 April 2016


Hi All....

Feeling sad....last journalling club, run by the very talented # Carol Fox, was held on Monday....waaahhhhh! Also my crafty mojo decided it needed a break and up and left! So was not in the best of moods on club night. Having said that Carol had designed a wonderful page to inspire us.

Anyway to cut a short story shorter....I was outside missing my e-cig (battery ran out!!), debating which of my car tires I was going to kick, when I spotted a broken piece of a rose bush and I thought...hummm I could do something with this. Earlier I had been eyeing a large wood pallet all on its lonesome by the recycling bins but alas it was too big to fit in my boot. So I consoled myself with my little rosewood stick.

Did I mention that it was a magic rosewood stick? Well it was because as soon as I got home my mojo returned and I had the idea for the little mobile above....using the magic rosewood stick!

Products used:

1 magic rosewood stick
#PaperArtsy Fresco paints in bubble gum, caribbean sea, yellow submarine, snowflake and little black dress
#PaperArtsy crackle glaze medium
#Decoart media fluid acrylics range metallic gold
Cosmic Shimmer glue
3D gloss gel
#Stampotique flower stamp...large and small.
#PaperArtsy text stamp (one of the mini ones....a definite favourite go to stamp!)
#Ranger Inc grungeboard shapes and letters
white cardstock..A4
MDF hearts
thin wire
cotton thread
beeswax pellets
#Archival ink pad in black

So, firstly I gessoed the MDF hearts and my magic stick. While these were drying I painted a sheet of cardstock with the Fresco paints in bubblegum, yellow submarine and caribbean sea...roughly covering a third of the card for each colour. I then stamped on the Stampotique flowers, a mix of large and small ones and then cut them all out.

Going back to the hearts, I painted them in the Fresco paint. On one of the hearts I applied crackle glaze, very thinly, with a pallet knife and when that dry I painted another colour on top. On another heart I melted on some beeswax and painted over that when it had dried. I then heated it again and, using a baby wipe, removed some of the wax and paint. I then heated it briefly again to smooth any bumps in the remaining wax.

Next, using the PaperArtsy stamp I stamped text on each of the hearts using an alternate colour from the base colour. Using the same paint colour I'd used for the text, I stamped flowers on the hearts using the small Stampotique flower. I also painted three grungeboard hearts.

Next I painted the edge of the MDF hearts and some grungeboard stars with the gold metallic paint. Then I painted the grungeboard letters in little black dress and attached them to the hearts with glue.

Back to the cut out flowers....I spattered them with the gold metallic, little black dress and snowflake. When dried I curled the petals and stuck a small flower in the centre of the larger one using the cosmic shimmer glue.

I also dry brushed the gold metallic paint onto my magic rosewood stick.

Using some thin black wire I attached the MDF hearts to the magic stick. I then attached the flowers to the stick using 3D gel...this also helped to keep the wire where I wanted it.

Finally (phewww!!) I tied on some pink thread to hang it up with.


If you have read this far thank you very much and hope I gave you the odd titter xxxx

Hugs and things,
Tricia xx


I have entered this into the That's Crafty blog challenge

I have also entered this into the Stampotique design challenge which can be found here

Tuesday, 5 April 2016


Hello All

Well, thus far my adventures in Blogland have been a bit of a nightmare both for me and the brave souls who have been trying to bring me into the 21st century!! So firstly a huge thank you to Debbie Whatley and Carol Fox for their hours of help and undying patience....I'm really going to be spending a fortune on flowers now!! Secondly, all the mistakes are of my own making....there will be loads!

So, having consumed copious amounts of coffee (should have added rum...lots of rum...) and as a way of avoiding the rest of the housework I'm posting a wee index card on which I practiced using masking fluid as a resist for the PaperArtsy blog challenge on...resists! You can find details of the challenge here...

OMG...I think I've done it....added a link...woohoo!


1 index card
masking fluid...fineliner application type
selection of PaperArtsy Fresco paints and Decoart media range paints. will do.

I painted the card with Fresco paint in Mermaid. Adore this colour! Dried it with my heat gun. Then I applied clear gesso on top and dried this layer. When it was completely dry I then applied the masking fluid in what I hoped was an arty way....then waited for it to dry...and waited ....had coffee...waited...

When it was finally dry I applied paint over the  masking fluid. I used a mix of colours, mainly dark blues, wiping some away with a wet wipe, drying in between layers.

Finally....rubbing off the masking fluid with my finger....very useful tool. Thankfully I have several as the first one I used got worn out.

Oh yes, then printed out some words and glued them onto the card after edging them with black Archival ink.

Some of the words come from a wonderful song by Bruce Cockburn, 'The Whole Night Sky'.

So that's it....if you read this far, thank you very much.

Dim bulb moment today.....spending five minutes trying to open a bin bag from the wrong end!